Week 2

This week has been an unusual one. There was no school on Monday, as it was a national holiday, Wednesday is the day for meetings and observations, and Thursday/Friday my cooperating teacher is out on training. There is a sub filling in for my teacher for Thursday and Friday, but as I am already familiar with the reading program I am the one instructing reading and she works with the other students while they work on their packets. I have learned that I need to make a few adjustments.

My teaching style is strict yet laid back; I want to get things done and be efficient (which is the strict side of me) and yet I do not want to stifle the kids so they do not feel like they are accepted or listened to (thus the laid back). It is a strange mixture. There were  times when I told the students that they may talk after every other page that is read and they can only share one short thing. There were other times in which the students had way too much time to share thoughts and stories. I need to be more consistent! Some groups finished way too early and yet there were others that did not have enough time to finish everything. I made notes in the sub plans (I have an extra copy for myself so I know exactly what everyone is supposed to be doing) so that I can adjust tomorrow. I am actually excited to fix my mistake! Hopefully I can get all of the students back on track by the end of tomorrow, I would not want any students to be behind for my cooperating teacher to come back to!

I absolutely LOVE my building. During the business meetings every Wednesdays, several different professionals get together to discuss problem students as well as any other issues. There are several acronyms that are thrown around quickly in conversation and last week I felt a little lost. This week, I learned from that mistake and took a cheat sheet of acronyms with me to the meeting. It helped tremendously!! I could easily look up what they were talking about and hardly skip a beat in the meetings! Thank goodness for my cooperating teacher, he is the one who gave me two packets worth of military and DoDDs acronyms to look off of!

This weekend, we have no plans. On Sunday, we were thinking about taking a train to a nearby town and visit a castle, but who knows what the weekend has in store for us!

It is currently a little past 2300 hours and is therefore bedtime! Gute nacht!!!!!

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One thought on “Week 2

  1. Alison

    What????? You=Strict??? LOL….I am sure you are doing a great job…so don’t be to hard on yourself. Its great that you are already figuring little things out like this and even better that you are so willing to learn from them!!! Keep up the good work and keep the posts coming….I look for them nightly!!!

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