One month.

Based on discussions with teachers in the DoDDS system, teaching overseas is like a whirlwind adventure. Some people were picked up by the system only a month after applying and it took as much as years to receive the call. If the system decides to offer you a job, a few different things can happen. Sometimes, you get the job offer on the spot and other times you must have an interview. I have heard of an instance in which the person’s response to a job offer WAS their interview to receive the position at the job. If a school wants you and decides to call you, more often than not that job offer is the only one that you will receive. Thousands of professionals apply for DoDEA every year so if you don’t accept their first offer then they know that there are many more people to pick from that may be ready to take the leap.

Most everyone that I have talked to had a very short window of time to report for duty. It is common to accept a position and have just one month’s time to get to your destination. In one month your whole life can change. There is one month to pack up all of your belongings, get all documentation (such as passports or visas) necessary to travel and work overseas, and be at your new location ready to work. One month. In roughly 30 days your life can change completely. You could end up living halfway around the world in a matter of weeks.

I graduate in May.  If I apply, then I am saying that I am ready for my whole life to change at a moment’s notice. Am I ready to make such a big decision?

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One thought on “One month.

  1. Alison

    wow….I am not one to cry….but that just brought tears to my eyes. Sounds like you have a lot to think about….and not much time to do it in. I am sure you know that everyone will have their own opinion on what you should do…….but you are going to have to do what YOU want. It won’t be an easy decision and I am sure you will shed many tears over it as well. You will get a lot of crap over this from u s(your loving famly) but just know its because we really do care. We have always been pretty close, even tho we may not see eye to eye on everything (but we are sibiling so that is how it is supposed to be!!,its hard to imagine you not being around all the time. As you are figuring out, the real world kinda sucks. You have to make decision that affect you for the rest of your life…… as the big sister who has pretty much screwed up everything……take the time to think about what you want and what is going to be best for you. We will be behind any decision that you makes, even if we aren’t totally happy with it, but its all about what is best for YOU. Ok…gotta quit….the tears are flowing and I can’t see to type. Keep your chin up and do all the thing I didn’t get to do!!!!!!
    Love- Big Sis

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