Never give up

This week has been emotionally taxing. I need thicker skin. Have you ever wanted something for someone else so bad that it frustrates you to no end when they aren’t doing what they need to to to become that amazing person you know they can be? You see them knowingly making the wrong decisions and you just want to scream and pull your hair out because you know it isn’t good for them?

Unfortunately, that seems to be my whole life as a teacher right now.

Being a teacher is like a great balancing act. Your method of motivation on Wednesday morning is not going to work on Wednesday afternoon and students will change moods in just a moment. One moment they are the studious student they know they can be and then something triggers them and then they have suddenly lost all interest and recollection of that same attitude. It is so frustrating sometimes!

After a week of laxing about students grades due to Terra Nova (the high-stakes testing used in DoDDs, like the Indiana ISTEP+) testing and no homework last week, grades have significantly dropped. Students are missing all kinds of work and they only have a short period of time to bring those back up. Do you know how hard it is to motivate someone to work who does not care about grades in the first place? Well you have two options. 1-You give them the information, remind them what this will do to their grade, tell them what can happen if they don’t, nag them until they say that “completed” their work, and simply hope for the best -OR- 2-Stand next to them and re-direct them back until it gets done and they resent you for making them do work.

I need thicker skin because I just can’t give up. There have found out that someone telling me to “let a person fall on their face” is not something that I can do. I WILL help someone for as long as I am their mentor. I will show them mercy when others have given up. I will show them that there is hope and that people will believe in them.

Everyone has a past and can name a specific person that always believed in them. If I can do that for someone and make a difference in their lives, all the pain, frustration, disbelief, and tears from the hard times will be worth it.

Every person is valuable. Every battle is worth it and no one can tell me otherwise.

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One thought on “Never give up

  1. Aunt Kathy

    Wow, Julie, your comments make you sound like a PARENT!!! It’s even harder, though, as a parent to watch your children flounder when you know they could do so much better. Just keep doing what you’re doing and know you’ve done your best. Give your momma and dad a big hug when you see them and tell them thanks for their support!!!

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